Ultima VIII Pagan
The Beautiful

Maps of Ultima VIII Pagan,  Animated Gifs, and other stuff.

by Julio Siqueira, aka The Night...Gecko...

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Why Pagan? Why this game? I got interested in this game in 1995, even though it is rather simple by today's standards. The magic was what really captured me. Above all, the implicit knowledge that magic is exactly the same as... hard work. I include below links to online maps that I have made myself, through screen capturing using the pentagram engine. Also, animated gifs of the game, made by me with online resources.
Por quê Pagan? Por quê este jogo? Me interessei por este jogo em 1995, apesar de ele ser um jogo simples pelos padrões atuais. A magia foi o que realmente me cativou neste jogo. Acima de tudo, o fato implícito de que a magia é exatamente a mesma coisa que... trabalho duro. Incluo abaixo links para mapas online que eu mesmo fiz, através de captura de tela usando o recurso (engine) pentagram. Também, gifs animados do jogo, feitos por mim com recursos online.

New: Youtube videos.
    1- Ultima VIII Pagan - A Tourist's Trip, Part 1. An expanded view walk. This Link.
    2- Ultima VIII Pagan - A Tourist's Trip, Part 2. Another expanded view walk. This Link.
    3- Ultima VIII Pagan - The Beautiful. This one is Pagan the way I always wanted to have seen it. This Link.

all maps below (except the "all Tenebrae" ones, which appear by number 1, number 1.2, etc) are actual print-screen images. Therefore they show the places where they actually are in regards to their position in "the computer memory." Also, they include areas of "garbage" left by the programers, off-limits to ordinary game play.

A view of the whole island, volcanoe included. For the mega file with 10,000 pixels x 5,000 pixels (10 mbytes jpg file), click here.


All maps have been made in High Resolution. The best and most thorough undertaking of this sort since Pentology (1994).

1- All Pagan. A composite image of all maps of the game, somewhat adjusted so that they would fit together. In the actual game, only each one of these maps would be loaded at a time, and you would only be able to see a very small part of each single map.It is the very same image as the one right above, and can be seen in full clicking this link.

2- The Docks. Watch Out! Beheadding is about to start... This link.

3- Central Tenebrae. Image one, and image two.

4- West Tenebrae. Image one, and image two.

5- East Tenebrae. Image one, and image two.

6- Fisherman's Reef. This link.

7- East Road. This link.

8- The Cemetary. Image one, and image two.

9- The Herdsman's Valley. Image one, and image two.

10- The Plateau. This link.

11- The Ghost Subplot Map. This link.

12- Treasure Cove, the place for the Deceiver Subplot, from East Road Map. This link.

13- Upper Catacombs, The Maze. This link.

14- Upper Catacombs, The Caves, entrance to lots of places. This link.

15- Lower Catacombs. This link.

16- Stone Cove. This link.

17- The Place of the Ancient Necromancers. This link

18- The Shrine of The Ancient Gods. This link.

19- The Hall of the Mountain King. This link.

20- Argentrock Isle. Image one, and image two. Note that, in the game, there are actually two Stratus in the Argentrock map...

21- Carthax Lake, dry and flooded, lower map. Image one, and image two.

22- Carthax Lake, dry and flooded, upper map. Image one, and image two.

23- Daemon Crag. Entrance, not flooded and flooded. Image one, and image two.

24- Daemon Crag Proper. Image one, and image two.

25- Obsidian Fortress. This link.

26- Pit of the Dead. This link.

27- Ether, central. This link.

28- Ether, Lithus. This link.

29- Ether, Hydrus. This link.

30- Ether, Pirus. This link.

31- Ether, Stratus. This link.

Animated Gifs: just a few animated gifs from Pagan.

This one above is a composite image.

The Palace of The Tempest, all three layers: